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Monday, March 3, 2008

Too Much Information?

I promised myself a while back that I wouldn't get my panties in a twist anymore over the never ending dramas that unfold within the romance industry and surrounding environs. But tonight I read a statement in the comment section of a post written by Jane over on Dear Author that really ticked me off.

Short of reading the post and the entire thread of comments (which is long), the topic was a word of caution to certain authors who are posting personal information that casts them in an unfavorable light -- most notably a particular erotica author, who has very explicit sexual posts and pictures on her blog about herself.

Whoa. Jane's point was that there are some authors out there who may be sharing too much information with their readers and the general public.

Here's the comment I took exception to, posted by someone calling herself Dee ---
It is the the fluffy "heaving bosoms" of romantic literature (such a nasty set of words without flavor or intention) that force women to stay in the sexual place like dogs on leases set at the feet of their masters. In truth, sexuality and erotica are not filled with the women who lack the ability to think, feel, and react in a way that is raw (sometimes) and real (always).

Okay. This woman should have checked her spelling. When she wrote "leases" I assume she meant "leashes." That aside, this says to me, it's this person's opinion that any woman who doesn't wear a black leather thong, spikes around her wrists, and carry a whip is sexually repressed and allows herself to be subjugated by men. Further, that it's this sort of repressed, subjugated woman who reads (and I'd guess also writes) what we think of as regular romance novels. And by regular, I mean anything that isn't erotica. So I gather, this person is saying the only valid reading material for women is erotica. I also seem to recall the statement being made that if you don't read it (or write it) you are a prude. *snort*

Wow. In the past, some of these authors have accused those of us who write about the "fluffy, heaving bosoms" of being judgemental and of looking down our noses at them.



  1. Oh my. All I can do is shake my head.

  2. Taryn, if you have time to kill, go read the entire thread. They had quite a discussion yesterday. But, you're better off if you don't go look. When I see things like this I should slap a piece of duck tape over my mouth and tape my hands to the arms of my chair so I can't type. A lot of people would be better off doing the same. It's like arguing with a stump. No matter what you say, the stump isn't going to change its mind. LOL!

  3. Goodness!! *Looking down at my NOT Fluffy, Heaving Breasts*. What's that saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me"!? I'm too old for that, at 48!! LOL. My personal opinion, is you need to poll women who read a lot. I personally like a few sexy scenes, but, not on every page, and in every scene. I'm in it for the story, not the sex. That's what I have Tim for! ROFL!!


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