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Friday, March 16, 2012

Cowboy Kisses - New Western Romance Author Blog

Happy Friday, all! Today, I have a nice announcement to make. An even dozen of us western romance authors put our heads together and we're launching a group blog dedicated solely to western romance. In the coming months, the site will feature most everything that goes into the writing of a western romance novel--the research, the obscure facts from our country's wild western era, the inspirations that keep us writing, and the highlights of some great titles that are available and even those that are still to come.  It should be great fun and I'm very happy to be part of this talented group of ladies.

Rather than put together an entirely new site from scratch, Ginger Simpson generously offered up her existing western themed blog called Cowboy Kisses. Tabs for individual author pages can be found beneath the banner on the home page. I hope you'll hop over there and take a look around, join the site, bookmark us, and help us spread the word!

Thank you and happy reading!



  1. Looking forward to being part of Cowboy Kisses!

  2. I've reposted to FB, Twitter, Google+ and I have tried to find all the new Cowboy Kisses bloggers on FB. :)

  3. Oops, I meant twitter! LOL Got food on the brain and typed the wrong thing. ;) I will probably hunt ya'll down on FB too though.

  4. Wow! Thanks, Taryn! You're a doll!

    When does your book release? It must be getting close.

  5. How great is this?! What a spectacular idea.

  6. Thanks, Alexis! Wish us luck. The really incredible thing is--and now I wish I'd included this in my post--it was a reader who brought us all together and got us talking months ago. I guess that's a topic for another post.

  7. Devon:
    So glad to hear this. I love western romance as you known!!!

  8. Hey, Teresa! Isn't this great!

    Hope you have good news to report from your group signing today.

  9. Hey Devon,
    wanted to check out your twitter birdie! I gotta find me one of those!
    So glad we're all a part of this great new group!

  10. Hi Peggy! The really cute one is on my author page over at Cowboy Kisses.

    This group thing has given me a new shot of enthusiasm. I think we've all got a lot of energy going right now. Let's hope it continues. :)


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