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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Joys of Writing

Well, the Texas Rose story is in a temporary holding pattern while I figure out how to fix a major plot snafu. Ah, the joys of goal, motivation, and conflict. And just so you know, motivation (the part that's grown from a character's past and solid enough to carry throughout the story) is the one that habitually gives me fits. Not to mention the sympathetic factor. But I didn't come here tonight to talk about craft. I figured I should blog since my last post was 10 days ago. Yikes.

Okay. So I've run into a huge stumbling block with the one, but in the meantime I've been working on another gunfighter story. My faves. :o) The conflict in this one is so monumental, it gives me the silly grins every time I think about it.

I managed to get some words down on the page today. But it's very hard to sit here in my cave while the weather is so glorious and the temperature topped out near 80 degrees. Nature, flowers in bloom, trees and bushes leafing, and yard work beckons. Outside, the air smells sweet with the natural perfume of lilac and dianthus, vastly preferable to my stuffy office with Zeb cat's litter box hidden in a corner behind the armchair. Ugh. There's just no place else to put it. Lately, I've been mighty tempted to ship him outside with the rest of God's critters. Only the thought of him actually being out there, having access to the road and any huge dog that might wander past stops me. The poor guy has spent his entire life in this house and I can't bear the thought of putting him out the door. He thinks he belongs here, with us, and I guess he does. And, wow, did I ever meander off topic.

Since I mentioned him, here's a picture of Zeb. He'll be 9 in June. When this picture was taken, he weighed 28 pounds. Truly. He's a whopper and wouldn't lay a claw on anything (such as furniture) if you paid him. Such a nice puddy tat.

Well, I have no idea how I started out talking about gunfighters and ended up with my cat. But there it is. It's late, so I guess I'll call it a night. Later...



  1. AWWW He's purty!

    Spring fever is hitting hard, isn't it? I can't get into my newest WIP because the outdoors keeps calling to me as well. Moreso my 5 year old thinks we need to go outside every single day- all day long. If we did that, I'd never get anything done and right now, it seems as though I still don't get much done as it is! LOL

    Here's hoping the "new" wears off of spring so we can get our heads back between the pages.

  2. Devon, I have four cats, which is one too many. I spent today at work fighting over a computer program that won. I'd rather have been outside planting flowers!

    The good thing is that I'm on vacation tomorrow for a looong weekend!

  3. Dev, you need to read you email I sent you about the Bengal cats at work! Your baby is huge! And purty :)

    I have bushes and bulbs to plant. But, they're call ing for a frost here, Mon and Tues night, so I'm afraid to plant them yet.

    I posted pics of Lucy on my MySpace page :) She's my purty little dirt ball. I don't think they'll post on here.

    Or maybe they will! LOL

    Everyone enjoy Spring!!

  4. Susi, I did read your email about the Bengals. Amazing! But in light of all the animal attacks we hear about, it scares me a little. I wasn't able to pull up the picture from the link you posted here, but will look at your myspace page. :o)

    Taryn, I do believe the new has worn off around here. LOL! Hubby has worked himself into a frazzle. He's moved to the back of the house now, taken out a huge evergreen shrub and put a little "sitting" garden in it's place. He planted a few things and arranged our outdoor bench in the midst of it. Looks nice, but all the digging...

    Jan, you and your daughter (the vet) are to be commended for all you do rescuing animals. I know sometimes you end up with them as permanent residents at your house. I hope you were able to do something you wanted to do over the weekend. :o)

  5. Dev, these Bengals are domesticated house cats :) And, they are a couple of hams!


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