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Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh, The Drama...And a Lovely Surprise

Earworm for the day = Roy Orbison's "Crying"

Since the earworm topic is such fun (not to mention weird). I thought I'd add it as a regular feature. LOL!

Angel in the Rain was put into Kindle format by my publisher today on Amazon. Don't know what the result of that will be. Remains to be seen. The list price is $4.80, which is well below regular price for a download. One thing I'm sure of, any resultant royalties will make peanut money look good. Once everyone gets their cut off the top, what's left to filter down to an author? Not much. But I'm looking at it this way, at least I might get a few more readers, people who would not have bought the book otherwise. So, hopefully, it will be a good thing.

I've noticed that the numbers on Amazon have been really sluggish for the past several days. From the looks of it, book sales across the board have slowed way down. No wonder, with all the drama that's been ongoing for the past couple of weeks. First it was the BookSurge panic. Now the reviews manipulation and some really bad behavior over there on the part of certain authors.

So far, this year has been nothing BUT drama in the romance community, and all of it negative press. The actions of a very few have impacted all of us a great deal, and it's all played out on public forums. The bizarre and sometimes criminal actions of a handful of authors have given all of us a black eye in the public view. I hope things settle down soon. I keep wondering how many more nasty little cans of worms (oh Lord, worms again) the bloggers are going to tip over in romance land. Who knew there were so many bad eggs among people who write about enduring love and relationships! Blows my mind.

The Romantic Times convention is in Pittsburgh this year, and it starts tomorrow (I think). Maybe something fun will come out of that. Let's hope.

Before I go, I want to tell you about a lovely surprise I got today. My crit partner, Jan Scarbrough, who often leaves comments here, recently had a book released, titled "A Man of Her Own." She made the dedication to me! When I saw it, I could hardly believe it. What a wonderful tribute. It brought tears to my eyes, I can tell you. That's her cover at the top of the post. Most of her books are set in Kentucky horse country, and she really knows her stuff. This is the one and only story she's written that I haven't read, so I'm very much looking forward to it. :o)



  1. My earworm for the day is "The Mean Kitty Song." Woke up with it going through my head...LOL

    The whole Kindle thing would baffle me. And all the drama that's been going on in the industry leaves me speechless. I don't know what to make of it.

    But now...Jan's dedication to you sounds WONDERFUL! That's great and so sweet in her!

  2. Taryn, it's gotten so the first thing I do each morning is check to see all the latest posts from "the" thread over at Dear Author. I have them come into email. Honestly, it's more bizarre than any soap opera. And the more time goes along, the more authors are coming to light that are mixed up in the mess. It just blows my mind that these people are romance authors.

  3. How cool! To have a book dedicated to you! Do I have to go to Amazon to get Jan's books? I have an appt with the pulminologist today and will hit the bookstores while I'm that far south! Hope you are doing well, my friend! Will email later!

  4. Hi Susi! Jan's book isn't available in print yet, but I'll let you know when it is. :o)


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