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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paper Junkie

I'm a paper addict. And it's not just paper I'm drawn to, but school and office supplies in general. I thought I had it under control. Then, yesterday during a quick run to Kroger, it hit me again. The urge to buy PAPER. They'd put up a shiny, new display of school and office supplies and there it all was, calling to me. But I was strong this time. Though I stood there for a while looking at all the pretty binders, loose leaf paper, index cards, pens and pencils, I resisted and didn't put anything into my cart. Yeah, sure, I picked up a couple of 5-subject, spiral bound, college ruled notebooks with pocket dividers and drooled over them, but I put them back on the shelf. So, I am getting better. It's just very hard to completely overcome a lifelong obsession.

My last binge happened several years ago. I'd gone to Wal-mart and they had an entire end cap stacked up with spiral notebooks, and they were dirt cheap. So, I loaded up with like 30 of them. When I got home and was carrying my bags into the house, my sister pulled into the driveway. She helped me carry the bags inside...and she noticed all the spiral notebooks. I explained to her that I'd gotten a real bargain. She just shook her head and said, "You're the only person I know who would ever actually use this much paper in an entire lifetime." And I did. I used it all. But it certainly didn't take a lifetime. Ditto with pencils, the mechanical kind that you don't have to sharpen, and post-its, ink jet paper, printer ink, staples, paper clips, binder clips, index cards, and all those cute little notebooks that I have lying around for jotting down passwords, web addresses, and general notes to myself. The list could go on.

My paper and accessories obsession has long been a joke within my family. They tease me about it. The funny thing is, who do you think they come to when they need something? That's right. Whenever they need a yard sale sign, they know good ole sis always has a stash of poster paper and assorted markers. What I find strange is that most people aren't very well stocked with office supplies. I honestly don't know how they get along in life.

I actually don't feel bad about my paper obsession. I have one writer pal who's a confessed office supply junkie, too, so I'm not alone. Another writer friend is a binder clip freak. I'll bet some of you are paper hoarders, too. Remember, admitting the problem is the first step toward recovery. ;o)



  1. I'm right there with you. I have blank spiral notebooks that I got when they were put out for school last year for like 30¢ each. I couldn't pass that up. My dad is a pencil addict while I'm paper and ink pens. If it's new or cool or I think I can find a use for it, I'll get it. I'll probably do the same at the back to school supply sales this year when we go to get the kids' stuff.

    There's just something about the way fresh paper sounds when you flip through it fast....that ziiiipppp crispness. I of course, haven't used all the ones I have, but if the price is right, I'll get me a few more.

    My best friend, who also writes, is the same way about the school/office supplies, too. We are NOT alone! :D

  2. Devon, I love office supplies, too! You know I have a raft of blank books, right? :)

  3. Ha-ha, Taryn and Mags, I knew you fellow paper junkies were out there. I think the appeal of a blank notebook, at least for me, is the promise it holds. A crisp, clean, blank page ready to be filled with ideas and beautiful, beautiful WORDS! :o)

    Thanks for stopping in and leaving me a comment, ladies!

  4. You are not alone Devon! I was dreadful in the UK. Here in Cyprus they are expensive and boring. Imagine my joy when I found a pretty journal. I am going to the UK on Tuesday, forget my daughter's wedding, I am off to sit in a library(oh I miss them so). I will write in one of the many new notebooks I will buy, and use one of my new pens ;0

  5. Oh, Glynis, I can't imagine not having a library nearby and plenty of paper products at a bargain price. Enjoy your visit to the library. Best of luck to your daughter on her upcoming wedding!

  6. Hey, Devon,What a coincidence. or is it? A few weeks ago I was shopping in Wal-Mart and HAD to go by the office supply aisle. I breeze by that aisle regularly (mostly just to look). What did I find? Spiral notebooks for .25 each. I asked the guy stocking the shelves if the price was correct. It was and I went home with a BUNCH.Who knew?

  7. Mary, you're a woman after my own heart, and now you've given me the itch to go over to Wally world and see if they've got them down here. I actually need some! LOL!


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