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Saturday, July 11, 2009

She's Back!

Have you ever run across an author whose writing you enjoyed so much, you went looking for her entire backlist? For me, Rebecca Sinclair was such an author. I have her entire list of Western Historicals, plus a couple of her Scottish Medievals. To me, her appeal wasn't in her great storytelling ability, it was in her in-depth sensual details (and I'm not talking about sexual encounters, although she had those, too). As a writer, it was those passages of detailed sensuality that fascinated me.

I devoured her books. Then, ten years ago she suddenly disappeared from the radar. After doing a little digging, I discovered she'd quit writing.

I was really sad about that, so I held onto all her books and I've reread "Forbidden Desires" so many times the pages are coming loose from the binding.

Well, surprise, surprise. Last night, I logged onto MySpace and, suddenly, there she was. And she's got a new book titled "Murphy's Law" out from Kensington, her old publisher. I immediately popped over to Amazon and discovered the book is only available in Kindle edition. Bummer. I don't have a Kindle. So I went looking again. The e-book is available other places, but I'm leery of buying from them. The only successful downloads I've bought have been from the Harlequin site. Twice I've bought something from Fictionwise and they've taken my credit card number then sent the download zinging off into cyberspace and complete oblivion. I have no idea where they went. I only know they didn't end up in my computer.

I must have this book! This snowbound cabin cover looks so cozy and inviting. Here's the blurb I picked up over on Amazon:

Murphy's Law reigns supreme...

What else can explain how Murphy McKenna managed to get herself stuck in an unexpected, early-in-the-season Maine blizzard? In a very remote cabin. With dead phones. And impassable roads. Could there be a worse time for a desperate, badly wounded man to show up on her doorstep?

Instinct demands Murphy not trust Garrett Thayer. After all, the man refuses to give her a straight answer about anything. Even her precious Himalayan cat, Moonshine, is suspicious. Who wouldn't be? Not only is Garrett hurt, he's also apparently been out wandering in the storm with nothing more than a duffel bag stuffed with money, antique jewelry (a bottle of antihistamines?) -- and a gun.

Will Murphy's conscience allow her to turn her back on the handsome stranger who may be a thief, a bank robber, or worse ...?

This storyline appeals to me. I used a very similar plot device in "Maura's Outlaw," my historical romance set in late 19th century Missouri.

Just as an aside, I think it's interesting--in light of the current digital vs. print debate in romanceland--that Kensington has released this book in e-format only. Despite my bad luck with downloading e-books, I'll probably give it another try. Probably before the day is over. Maybe. Darn it. I wish they'd released this one in print.



  1. I'm glad you found her! I've seen Rebecca Sinclair at MySpace, but didn't realize you were looking for her. Sure wish you could get the download. I haven't had problems with Fictionwise.

    You clicked the download button, right? (I think that initially with Fictionwise, I thought they would email me the book which is how Resplendence does it, so I didn't push the download button. Seriously!) Possibly the book you bought is in your computer somewhere? That would be frustrating.

    Shoot. I hope you get the book you want, Devon!

  2. Thanks, Mags. I always select PDF format so I can read it on Adobe, but the last time I bought something from Fictinwise, it said I had the wrong version of Adobe, even though I'd downloaded the latest. Anyway, it wouldn't open the file. Very frustrating. I distinctly remember, the ebook wasn't cheap. Nearly $8. A Jennifer Blake about a sword-wielding heroine. So I'm leery of trying again. Although, I have gotten that new Adobe e-reader since then... I'll let you know what happens.

  3. Devon, I don't think you want the newest version of Adobe in order to read PDF ebooks. I have 7.0.

  4. The one I had was 8.-something, but I now have the Adobe Digital Editions reader. Anyway, it turns out, this book isn't even listed at Fictionwise. I finally found it at the Sony eBook Store. But in order to access it, I have to download THEIR reader. Sheesh. I'll get back to it later.

  5. Good luck, Devon! It's wonderful to find a treasure such as this. I hope you are able to download and read. I'm wondering which format you picked when you were buying? I started using MSReader because it was difficult for me to sometimes get the pdf version that I wanted from Fictionwise. I found I liked MSReader better than PDF! So, perhaps, try again, and hopefully those books will still be in your FW account so you can still download them. Oh...and I think to get MSreader I downloaded it free from the web. I've never had a bit of trouble with it. Again, good luck!

  6. Duh. I read the other comments AFTER I posted mine. So, now I know you prefer adobe pdf...you know, I did, too, at first. But seriously, you might think about Microsoft Reader

  7. Maddie, at this point, I don't have a preference. Just so long as something works, it's fine by me. Thanks for the tip about MS reader. I'll take a look at that, too.


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