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Monday, July 4, 2011

Covers, Flowers, and Rabbits

My prickly pear bloomed over the weekend. Here's a shot of one of the beauties that's growing right next to the back of the house. They're a month late this year. They've always bloomed for me at the end of May or the beginning of June. I think all the gloomy, rainy weather we've had delayed them. I love the prickly pear blooms, but they usually only last one day. My plants are all transplants from east Texas, where my mother lives.

In my upcoming western historical, the title, Wild Texas Rose refers to both my heroine's name and the prickly pear that grow wild in Texas. There's a scene where my hero makes up a story for the heroine about the prickly pear being the true yellow rose of Texas. It's a sweet moment and leads her to think there may be more to the rugged cowboy than a tough as leather view of the world.

Hubby was home all three days this holiday weekend, so I got very little writing done. Every time I opened my document and got into it, he came to the door and said, "I hate to bother you, but..." and pulled me right out again. Since today was the last day he had off, I gave it up and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with him. We sat on the back porch this evening and watched rabbits out in the yard. For the longest time, we've thought we had three resident bunnies living in the brush just across the property line. Then this evening, we had seven in the yard at the same time. Must be mating time.

For the past several days I've spent part of my writing time editing a Regency Historical novella I wrote earlier this year. Part of my problem with being a prolific writer is that when I do finish something, I have to let it get completely cold before I can go back and spot the no-nos. I mention this because I've had my eye on a cover shot for the novella over on Hot Damn Stock for several weeks. Then, today, I received a notice that they were selling all their stock photos for 50% off, today only. So, I hopped over there and bought the shot. Got it in low res--which is all that's needed for an ebook cover--for only ten bucks, and you can't beat that.

Hope you had a safe, happy holiday weekend.


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