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Monday, August 22, 2011

Evil Computer Is Back

Yes, he's back and in fine form today.

The day started off fine. More than fine. We got the very good news that our house closing is scheduled for Wednesday. We haven't bought a new house, it's the same old one we've lived in for the past twenty-two years. We're just refinancing at less than half the interest rate we're paying now, which means lower monthly payments. Yay! And even with the lower payments, the term of the loan is the same as the remainder of the original, which means the house will be ours, OURS in just a few more years. But I get ahead of myself.

So, the morning started off great. What with the house news and our recent adoption having gone so smoothly, I was beginning to think maybe our rotten luck had started to turn. After hubby went to work this early afternnon, I came in here and sat down at the keyboard, jazzed to write. Yes, things were looking up!

I read through a few paragraphs I'd written yesterday to bring myself up to speed on where I left off, stopping now and then to change a word or add a line. I got to where I stopped last outing and I continued with the story. The writing was going fine, smooth even. I was making progress, getting the words down in the manuscript. Then, BLINK. My screen goes to black. The air stops running and an unearthly silence settles around me. But not before I hear the boom of a transformer blowing up somewhere down the road.

After a few choice words, I got up and set about doing something to pass the time, cause I got a bad feeling about this. And what is there to do when the lights are off except, ewww, housework. Resigned to waiting, I folded some towels and loaded hubby's lunch dishes into the dishwasher. After an hour, I ended up sitting in my armchair, staring out the window to see if I could spot the Jackson Energy truck.

The electric finally came back on at about a quarter til eight tonight. First thing I did was rush in here and boot up the computer to see if the additions to my document survived. They didn't. Vanished. The document looked the same as it did when I opened it earlier today. I thought Word had an autosave feature. In fact, I know it does, but it sure didn't save my work today. Must go check those settings.

I guess this is my comeuppance for bragging just yesterday to someone about how meticulous I am about saving my work.


p.s. - I just went and changed my setting in Word to autosave every 5 minutes.


  1. There are some days, like when my laptop chooses to "hibernate" when I'm away from it for barely a five minutes that I have to shut it down via the power and reboot. Never fails to do that when I have a file pulled up and not everything saves like it should. I might better check my settings in my Word to see how often it saves too.

    So sorry you lost so much work though. {{hugs}}

  2. Taryn, I'm gun shy. The electric has gone off several times in the past couple of months and blinks at odd times. So, I'm taking no more chances and dragging out the laptop. At least if the electric goes off, it's got battery backup.

    Thanks for stopping by and, yes, best double-check those settings. :o)

  3. Yes, that is a saving grace of a laptop, isn't it. Battery backup is a favorite of mine. I might lose my connectivity to the outside world, but can still play in my own imaginary one! ;o)


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