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Sunday, June 24, 2012

777 Challenge ~ I've Been Tagged!

Evenin', cowpokes. Just found out I've been tagged by Lyn Horner in the 777 Challenge. Thanks, Lyn! ( I think) ;) The challenge is to go to page 7 of your current work in progress and post at least 7 lines from the page, then tag 7 other authors and challenge them to do the same on their blogs. So, here we go.

My work in progress is a Western Historical Romance titled Wild Texas Rose. I'm afraid the sample is much longer than 7 lines but, oh well. I've included two covers I've been playing around with. Haven't made up my mind yet which one I like best, or if I want to scrap them both and start over. Would love to know what you think so, opinions, please!. This book has been a long time coming and, hopefully, it won't be much longer. Hope you enjoy the out of context sample. :)

From Wild Texas Rose, pg. 7.

 Mattie looked at the skirt and then at Rosalie with a knowing gleam in her eyes. She wedged her hands against her hips. “Where do you think you’re goin’?”

“For a ride. I’ve got some thinking to do.” Rosalie returned her attention to the wardrobe and picked up her boots from among an assortment of slippers and button-up shoes arranged side by side on the wooden shelf.

“Ha!” Mattie retorted. “I know what you’ve got in mind and thinkin’ ain’t it.”

Rosalie ignored the remark and continued to gather the various garments she intended to wear. Mattie knew her too well, was privy to all her secrets and nothing got past her, so trying to allay her suspicions was a waste of time.

But she should have known her silence was as good as an admission of guilt. The woman was as relentless as a starving hound on the scent of a wounded jackrabbit once she picked up a hint of mischief.

“Now, you listen to me, Rose. For your own good. You stay away from that boy. He can’t help you, and you’ll only end up bringin’ trouble down on his head.”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about,” Rosalie denied.

“You know exactly what I’m talkin’ about,” Mattie pressed on in strident tones. “Trey Delaney, that’s what. If Walter ever got wind there was something goin’ on between the two of you…” She shook her head, evidently the thought of it even too horrible to articulate. “He can’t go against your father, Rose. Walter would destroy him if he even tried it. Then where would you be?”

Here's my list of authors I tag to do the 777 Challenge:

Teresa Reasor
Amy Durham
Taryn Raye
Michael Embry
Alison Bruce
Cheri Kay Clifton
Tara Manderino

Will they do it? We shall see. I'll post an announcement on Facebook so they'll all know they've been tagged. Then, I'm ducking for cover. ;)

Happy reading and writing!


  1. Wow! If that don't whet the ol' appetite. I can't wait for Wild Texas Rose, and I love both covers!


    1. Hey, Maggie! It's so good to see you over here in my neck of the woods. I know you've been waiting for this book a loooong time. Me too. LOL! Fingers crossed I don't hit any more brick walls and it won't be long now. Thanks for coming over, sweetie!

  2. Devon, thanks for tagging me, sure wish I could do it, but I don't have a blog site. Also this week we have company and it's all I can do to stay in touch and read everyone's WHR posts. Look forward to getting back in the saddle next week! LOL

    1. Hi Cheri! Great to see you over here, too. Sorry if I tagged you in vain. I was thinking you had a blog page on your web site. Enjoy your company! Thanks for letting me know! :)

  3. I absolutely love this 777 challenge and reading everyone's posts!! This one is fun :)

    1. Hi Maryellen! Welcome to Romance in the Wild West! So glad you enjoyed the post. I backtracked and am now following you on FB and Twitter. :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment!

  4. Replies
    1. Great, Taryn! Going to go have a look. Thanks for accepting the challenge. :)


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