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Monday, March 9, 2009

Bringing Baby Home

(Edit - I replaced the other picture with an actual photo of Molly)

Last evening we brought home the new addition to our family! Remember how I was worried about the tiny little puppy growing up to be a not so small dog? Well, after getting a look at her mother, I'm happy to report that this will be a very small dog when she's grown. As near as we can figure, she's a Chihuahua-Jack Russell mix, with maybe an unidentified ingredient tossed in somewhere.

Look at that face! She's so tiny! Excluding her head and tail, she's only about six and a half inches long. I hope to get some pictures within the next couple of days. We've named her Molly because that's the name that popped into my head the moment I laid eyes on her. Strange, that's never happened before. We usually can never agree on names, or nothing seems to fit. We've got a cat that's three years old and he's never been given an official name. Poor fella answers to "Little Man."

I figured I'd be in for a rough couple of nights when we brought Molly home and she was separated from her mother and siblings for the first time. I fixed up a bed for her in a clear plastic tote and gave her a stuffed Elmo doll and a blankie. The Elmo is just slightly bigger than she is, but she grabbed it by the leg and tied to shake it. Too cute. She's going to be a real killer. After a couple of minutes, she lay down and used the doll for a pillow and went right to sleep. I covered her with the blankie, which woke her for a few seconds, then she settled right down again. She slept that way for hours, with only an occasional stretch and twitchy dream. Hubby went to bed, then got back up again later. Puppy was still asleep. We marveled at how well-behaved she was being. I've never seen a puppy that didn't cry through the night when taken from its mother and familiar surroundings. I shut down for the night and turned in. Molly slept on. I was tired because we'd had a big day and quickly fell asleep. Then... at 3:32 this morning, Molly woke up, needing food, drink and a pottie break. Afterward, she was ready to rock and roll for what I feared would be the rest of the night. She wore down after about 30 minutes of tagging after me and playing tug-of-war with the hem of my pajamas, then she went back to sleep. I'm completely in love!



  1. Awwwwwww!!!

    Molly sounds sweet as can be. I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. This picture is absolutely darling! I look forward to photos of the Actual Molly. What fun!

    Bringing Moly home was a great way to begin the week--yours and mine, too!

  3. How cute! I think you'll really enjoy her. Be warned though, Jack Russels can be frenetic dogs. Very bizzy! My brother has one, and it drives him nuts. Exceptionally smart though.
    My pup does the same thing, wants to play at 4 am when she gets me up for her potty break. Not happening Cricket, sorry babe. And back into the cage she goes.

  4. Ladies, thank you all for coming by to see Molly. I'm telling you, the cuteness factor is off the scale. I just can't get over how tiny she is. She's definitely going to keep us on our toes for a while. And we're going to have to step carefully. We're not used to having a young, playful animal around. Our others were old and very set in their ways, and the remaining cat lives outside. This morning, the puppy was eating and her hind feet lifted off the floor. She did a somersault and landed on her back in the middle of the food dish. LOL! I'll try to get hubby to take pictures before he leaves for work.


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