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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Doing The Genre Shuffle

Would you be surprised if I told you I dabble in several genres of romance other than western historical? No? Hmm... didn't think so.

The fact is, most writers dabble in more than one genre. Some may only publish in one, but I'll bet they still play with others that never make it to publication. I can only speak for myself, but I would get very bored if I confined myself to only one setting and one time period. My main focus is on my western historicals, but to break the tedium, I occasionally go play with other works in progress.

To date, here are the alternate genres I piddle with:

1 Medieval Paranormal Romance (It's a werewolf story and I started it many moons ago when paranormals weren't selling. I've always wanted to write a straight Medieval, if I could come up with a plot that hasn't been done to death.)

1 Fantasy Romance (Fun, fun, fun!)

1 Futuristic Romance (Yeah, no kidding, and here's something I learned a while back about futuristics--the big external conflict must be political or they won't work.)

2 Contemporary Romances (One is straight romance and the other is romantic suspense. Jennifer's probably saying, yay! ;o)

So, now you know. Are you a one-genre writer, or do you also dabble in several sub-genres? If so, which ones?



  1. I mostly write contemporary romance, but I also dabble in paranormal/historical and I've contemplated western as well as young adult. I've put YA on the backburner though to concentrate on my current ideas instead of the ones I started in my youth.

  2. YAY!!! Although I'm not surprised. Paranormals can be fun too. The biggest thing is, you can do any genre if, as you say, the plot hasn't been done to death.
    I don't think I could keep my mouth clean enough for YA. Sci-Fi is cool too.
    YAY Devon.

  3. Hi Taryn! It's good to see you here! I've missed you.

    What kind of paranormal and what kind of historical, if you don't mind me asking?

  4. Jennifer, you sound like me, only with inspys. I couldn't imagine trying to write something where all the reactions to physical contact between the hero and heroine have to be interpreted on an emotional level and none of the physical stuff.

    Oddly enough, I've always been a fan of sci-fi, but only in movies and tv, not books. Well, that's not strictly true. When I was younger, I read a lot of Asimov. The inspiration for my futuristic came from an episode of the original Star Trek series from back in the 60's. Evidently, it stuck with me.

  5. I have written one paranormal/historical. It's set around the 1780-1790's near Norfolk, Va and has a ghostly haunting that really messes with my heroine's ability to move forward (guilt over her loyalty to the man she had secretly promised herself to- who died at sea and the man who truly has her heart- his brother)

    The inspiration came from an image I found on a myspace background- It was dark, blacks and purples with a young woman in a long white gown staring forlornly out to sea at a ghostly ship. It "haunted" me for weeks and I used it for my background for a while. It kept me awake most nights until I realized I HAD to tell the story- what was going on with the ghostly tattered ship, why she looked so heartbroken, etc. It wouldn't let me go, so I had to write it.

  6. Ah, a ghost story. I love ghost stories, they scare me to death. And tragic, secret love. Sounds great!

    Isn't it funny where inspiration comes from sometimes.


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