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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Doing The Homework

Yesterday was a terrific writing day. I added just slightly more than 1,200 solid words to my manuscript. By solid, I mean they advanced the story. I didn't dash them out just to be putting words on the page and there's little chance that I will end up ripping them out later because they're crap. They're there to stay, therefore they're solid. So, it was a good day for me. I just wish I could write faster.

Today, I hope to add at least a few more words, but I'm mostly taking the day off to do some research. Today's mail brought the books I ordered, so I'm going to do some reading. These books are historicals from the line I plan to target with the story I'm working on now. This is called doing your homework. Getting a feel for the kind of book your targeted publishers are buying. I'm homing in on the market. Eww... I feel smarter already. LOL!

Hey, it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. Flirty Wink



  1. So, girlfriend!! What books did ya buy???? HUh??? Huh??? I LIKE doing research, I get to READ!!! LOL

    Productive work is good! Then ya don't have to cut so much out later. Personally, I'm best friends with my BACKSPACE button....

  2. Hey Devon! What is your favorite reading position? When I was kid, you'd find me in a tree, or in the hay loft, or sitting in the back yard, with a book. As a teen and early 20's, sitting backwards on a horse, with my elbows on the butt and book propped up there. In the semi, when I wasn't driving, I'd try to read while ex was driving, but I'd get sea sick. Listened to a LOT of books on tape when I was driving tho, since I did most of my driving at night.

    Took books with me to therapy, to radiation, always have a book in the car when I get railroaded. Used to read when I had the whirlpool bath. Man, i MISS that tub! But, I probably wouldn't be able to get out of it, and would have to call 911 and then it wouldn't be a pretty sight...sigh...

    Now, I'm usually in my rocker, if it's warm out, I'm on my swing, and laying down in bed. Always have apurse big enough to stuff a book in it. LOL. A couple Drs always check out what I'm reading now. They ask if the smutt is any good..rofl. When I run into Cathy, my old therapist, she is so proud that I can read!! Hey! I am too!! LOL.

  3. Susi, I'm very happy and proud that you can read again, too! You're a survivor, girl. Good for you!!!

    I'll let you know what I think of the books after I've read them. Until then, I'll withhold titles and any recommendations.

    Where do I like to read? Curled up in my favorite chair in the living room, with my feet tucked in on the seat with me. There's a table beside the chair with a lamp. The chair sits next to the fireplace, and it's my favorite place to just sit and read or take a breath when things get hectic during the day.

    I miss having a swing. The first house hubby and I lived in after we married was nearly 100 years old and had a porch running across the entire front of it. He put up an old-timey swing for me. In summer, it was heaven and I loved sitting out there in the warm breeze reading. :o)


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