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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Let It Snow

It's snowing! We're supposed to get a couple of inches, and maybe as much as four! I was hoping we'd get at least one measurable snowfall before winter's end. I love the snow, but the climate has changed so much in the past few years, we only get dustings these days, rather than the big, scary blizzards we used to get just a few short years ago.

On the writing front, I'm counting this day as a loss. I only managed to write a few paragraphs this morning before hubby came home unexpectedly. He wasn't feeling well and left work early. I just can't understand why one little deviation in routine throws everyone around here for a loop. But that's exactly what it does to me.

I probably shouldn't count the day as a total loss. Even though I wasn't planted in front of my monitor today, my brain was busy clicking over scene possibilities. Two new scenes played out in my head while I washed dishes and cooked and tucked blankie around hubby when he fell asleep in his recliner. I can't wait to write them! It's times like this when I break away from the point of the story where I've left off and jump ahead. When a scene is screaming to be written, there's just no denying it. You have to go with the flow. So, I jump ahead and write those scenes, placing them in the order they'll appear when I catch up to them with the rest of the story. And I always write each story in one huge document so I can jump around and scroll back and forth if need be.

The one scene I'm most anxious to write is humorous. While I was thinking about it, I couldn't stop myself from tee-heeing. Hubby hates it when I do that. He always asks, "What's so funny?" And I always answer, "I was just thinking." And he always jumps to the conclusion that I've invented some private little joke about him. You'd think, after all these years, he'd know that I don't consider him to be that funny. Well, I have to admit, sometimes he is pretty funny, but not so much that I go around snickering several days later about his antics.

Sooo.... what gives you the laugh out loud giggles when you're alone in a room or have the entire house to yourself? Inquiring minds want to know.



  1. We've got snow here this morning. They closed schools. (blech)

    Sounds like you got a couple of good new scenes to work with. That's great.

    I had to laugh right out loud because my husband does the same thing when I snicker for no apparent reason.

    Well, I know you read my blog from yesterday, so you know it's usually my characters who have me laughing when no one else is around..and sometimes when they are! haha!

    Have a great writing day. I'm going to check messages and post a blog with some pics from our snow here this morning and then settle in with a warm mug of tea and hope the kids don't drive me insane so I can get some more writing done.

  2. Snow?? YOU GOT SNOW??? Here I live in West Cewntral Indiana, and can't get a decnt snow! It's gone all around us. So, I've given up for this year. My new motto is: THINK SPRING!!!

    I'll be reading and giggle and Tim will ask me what's so funny. So I either read him the passage, or try to explain it to him. I get the "Blanl Look Stare" or he didn't even listen to me. Now I just say, "Nuttin' Honey".

    I still giggle when Janet Evanovitch has GRandma Mazur shoot the butt of the fried chicken off the dinner table.

    I've been seeing people talk about Kindles. What's a kindle? LOL It took me a year to figure out an ipod has to do with music. Still never have handled one tho. Or listened or whatever it is you do with them! LOL

  3. Taryn, love your snow pictures. I cheated and lifted mine from the net. *g*

    Susi, yes we got snow! It looked like you might get some, too. (or was that last week?) I always glance up your way on the radar when we're getting weather because my brother lives in Bloomington.

    Kindle is the new e-book reader from Amazon. I heard it's supposed to be a more economical model. I looked and it's $399. Too rich for my blood. Besides, an e-book reader is NOT on my wish list. I look at a computer screen so much while writing, the last thing I want to do is look at a smaller screen to read a book. I'm an old-fashioned girl. I want to curl up in my chair with a real paper and ink book in my hands.

    I don't have an iPod either, and I've never used one. But my son has one and he goes around with it plugged into his ear. I speak to him and he can't hear me. Very convenient---for him! LOL!


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