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Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Been A Good Day

For tonight's post, I have no certain topic in mind. I just felt the need to mark the day somehow because it's been a good one. I passed a mile marker today in my work in progress, and that's always reason to celebrate. I'm just thankful that my husband is understanding and tolerant of the peculiarities of "the writer's life." Otherwise, it might not have been such a good day. I sat here at my computer until 4:00 this afternoon in my flannel pj's. That's a new record with me for time of day and still not dressed. I noticed the time occasionally and would mutter, "Oh, God, I've got to get dressed!" A couple of times I made it as far as getting out of my comfy swivel armchair, and starting for the door. Then, I'd suddenly remember just one more line or snippet of dialogue I needed to do (before I forgot). So, each time I tried to tear myself away, I ended up back in the chair typing away again. I'm telling you, this is the life!

On an unrelated, and yet slightly related, topic... my numero uno crit partner, Jan Scarbrough, talked me into ordering a book by a new author that's--while still historical--outside my usual genre I turn to for reading material. I look forward to getting my hands on a good book, and she assures me, it is. Once I've read it, if it meets expectations, I'll post the cover and share my thoughts.

Hope you had a nice, relaxing, productive weekend. Until next time...


p.s.--if you haven't voted in my poll yet, go look in the sidebar and choose your favorite historical periods for romance novels. You can pick more than one. Thanks!
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  1. I LIKE it when you have a good writing day!! It means you're getting closer!!!

    Haven't you seen those writers on TV? They have jammies on and pencils behind their ears, and coffee cups everywhere. LOL

  2. Ah, Susi!

    I love it that you stopped by and left me a comment!

    The image of the writer in jammies with pencils sticking out everywhere is definitely more accurate. Unfortunately, there are still those who've seen the other image--the one they usually show in the movies--of the glamorous romance writer who lolls around in a peignoir on a chaise lounge, stuffing her face with bon-bons while some studly secretary takes dictation. LOL!!!

  3. LOL! I associate myself closer to Emma Thompson, stressing out and thinking through her scenes in Stranger Than Fiction.

    Glad you had a good writing day(but then you know I already knew that)..

    Hope today is a great one as well!

  4. I'm just learning how to locate blogs, so pardon my slowness to drop in!

    Good writing days should be treasured. Maybe you should have had your husband take a picture of you in your jammies!

    I'd freeze in jammies. I'm into the Irish fisherman look. "G"

  5. Great..... Now I'm picturing Patricia in an old fisherman's cap, a big ole' curved pipe, a heavy duty turtleneck, rain slicker, and yellow hip boots!!

    I gotta get over this fever!!

    (No offense meant Patricia. Just my wacky sense of humor. Ask Devon! )

  6. Pat, I'm afraid the image of me in jammies AND morning hair would break the camera. LOL! But I may have to track down one of those bulky cable sweaters. It's snowing here!

    I'm so glad you found me and took the time to drop in and say hi. Even though I only leave a comment on occasion, your blog is on my daily rounds. Your regular reports on your process fascinate me, and lordy I don't know where you find the time or energy to do it all! :o)

    Susi, no worries, sweetie. Pat has a terrific sense of humor. ;o)


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