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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Game Plan

For the past two weeks I've been stewing about goals. As a result, I've decided it's time to set different bars. The fact is, western historical romance is a hard sell, even to readers. For quite a while, the talk has been that they're making a comeback. But I still see the same publishers (Harlequin, Kensington, Dorchester, etc.) putting out their usual quotas of western romances. Point me to one of the big unreachables (Bantam, St. Martin's, et.al.) who has published a western historical lately and then I'll believe they're making a comeback. It's just a fact--as much as I wish it weren't so--that western historicals aren't big with readers. I intend to keep writing my westerns, but I'm going to a different word length. After all these years I've decided to look at the market realistically and I intend to adjust accordingly.

Meanwhile, the market for FF&P remains strong, with no signs of flagging in the near future. It's the times we live in. This is the sci-fi and fantasy generation. So I've decided not to concentrate solely on one nearly dead genre and give equal time to finishing up the fantasy and paranormals I have started. I've been in a rut anyway, so why not.

Speaking of Sci-fi, did anyone besides me watch the recent Battlestar Galactica series? For a while, it was the best show on tv, until it started going downhill. Which was inevitable, I suppose. They always do, at some point. I had a feeling it was going to end badly, and it certainly did. I was very put out with them. Not to mention the fact that they never did explain the Jimi Hendrix "All Along the Watchtower" connection.



  1. Devon, I'll be excited to read your paranormal. I think you're right about westerns though, as sad as it is to say.
    Paranormal anything is pretty hot right now.
    I never got into the new series. It just did not catch my attention as much as others. Maybe because it was so dark.
    There's a new dvd out about the same group, did you see that?

  2. Jennifer, I know you're a big paranormal fan cause I looked at your Shelfari list. ;o) It's funny--years ago when I first started the paranormals, I stopped writing them on the advice of fellow writers because paranormal didn't sell AT ALL. Just goes to show you--write whatever the heck is speaking to you at the moment and don't worry about it.

    I didn't watch any of the Battlestar related shows. Didn't want to cause I was mad at them. I just hated the way the show ended. For several weeks leading up to the final, it gave me a bad, on-edge feeling every week.

  3. Devon, are you finishing your Western first? I think I might work on a paranormal once I make my deadline for the Christmas Legend novella. Oh! That means I must work on it, I guess!

  4. Jan, yes, I intend to finish the western. I still plan to write them but I'm not limiting myself to the one genre anymore.

    When's your deadline for the Xmas novella? Get crackin', lady! I think you'd do great with a paranormal. Just look at Tangled Memories. And if you're talking about the Wales story, I say go for it! What you have so far is absolutely delicious writing.


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