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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little Man

This is Little Man. Yes, that truly is what we call him. But there's a perfectly logical explanation.

Four springs ago, hubby and I were sitting out back one evening when this little guy came walking out of the the woods. He came over to us and acted like he knew us and was glad to be home. At the time, he wasn't yet full grown. He had a lot of wounds and missing hair and the poor little guy was just a rack of bones, he was so skinny.

There was never any question. We took him in and took care of him. But we always figured he'd wandered away from home and had been lost for a while. For one thing, someone had gone to the expense of having him neutered. I couldn't imagine that anyone would have brought him out into the country and dropped him. Maybe his owner would eventually come looking for him. That being the case, at first we didn't feel he belonged to us. So, we didn't name him. We just referred to him as Little Man.

Time passed and no one came looking. His wounds healed and his hair grew back, and regular meals put some meat on his bones. He's an absolute sweetheart, but the Little Man moniker stuck. He and Zeb were best buddies and he grieved when we had to have Zeb put down. Then, when we brought Molly home, he perked right up. At first, we thought he might try to hurt or even kill her, but no, he fell in love with a little puppy. Now, Molly's his best buddy and they romp and play all over the back yard.

In this picture, the flash did something weird to his eyes. I wish I had a good side view of his face because he has a nearly flat profile and a tiny nose. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce you to yet another member of our family.



  1. What a beautiful furry friend! I'm sure he was meant for you. They say that cats choose their owners. I'd say he knew exactly what he was doing, strolling out of the woods and into your family. :)

  2. I agree with Maddie. Some of the best animals I've ever had have simply walked up my driveway and decided to stay. Cherish him.

  3. Devon, my daughter, the vet, brings home animals. When she was in college, she brought home an ugly calico cat with a stub of a tail. She was a small cat so we called her Little Kitty and the name stuck. My mother took her and until she died, Little Kitty had a lap to sit on and a bed to sleep on. She doesn't get along with our other cats, so now she lives in the basement.

    I think it is neat how Little Man and Little Kitty both found a forever home!

  4. He is pretty, isn't he. And I do think he's special and was meant for us. If anyone tried to take him from us now, they'd have a fight on their hands.

    Jan, I'm glad you've still got Little Kitty. I remember when your mom passed and you brought her home. :o)

  5. Wow--he is absolutely gorgeous, Devon! There was a small white cat in our neighborhood last fall. I put a picture on my blog, and I guess in the back of my mind I thought it might end up to be my cat. I couldn't get close enough, though. He/she was skittish. With the rough winter, and the fact I hadn't seen the cat in months, I was afraid it had perished. Then I saw it step out from under a neighbor's porch, where the lattice is broken. It's probably a pretty nice abode, next to an old house that likely leaked heat all winter.

    I guess that cat didn't need me, huh?

  6. Ah, Mags, I'm sorry the kitty wasn't a people kitty. Some of them just aren't, especially if they're born outside and learn to survive on their own from an early age. We used to have some cats like that around here. A mama and three kittens. They were all wild as cougars. They lived in the woods. Occasionally, we'd see them, but they'd never let you get close. Eventually, they all disappeared.


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