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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Pictures ~ Molly Update

Several days ago (or was it weeks), Magdalena asked for updated Molly pictures, so today I took some. At least I tried. This critter is a bundle of motion and most of the pictures came out as nothing but a blurred streak. I did manage to get three. Funny thing is, in the two close-ups, she's squinting. And the sun wasn't even shining today. If you click here, you can see the transformation between the time we brought her home and now. She doesn't even look like the same dog! Just look at those ears from six weeks ago and look at them now! If they keep growing, she's going to look like Dumbo. Despite the ears, she's still small, weighing in at a little over 3 lbs.

Here's another shot--and she's still squinting.

Finally, I sat her in a yard chair so she would stop moving and jumping around. It turned out to be a nice profile view, but I think a drop of rain got on the camera lens because there's a smudgy looking spot near the bottom.

I had to include this shot of my dogwood tree out in the front yard. Last year it only had about a handful of blooms, but as you can see, it came out in its full glory this year.

Now I'm off to write my daily quota. Hope you all have a picture-perfect and productive day!



  1. Omigosh, Devon, she's all grown up!

    If her ears get as big as Dumbo's, you may have real issues trying to get a still picture. Flying dog, and all that...

    Your dogwood tree is gorgeous. I saw one on my walk today that was beautiful, but yours has it beat.

  2. Devon, on my rounds today, I came across a little dog a lot like yours with huge sagging boobies. I went around the side of the house, and here come 10 little puppies from underneath the house! Each one of these puppies was almost the exact size of Mom! The poor thing was feeding all these little babies. They couldn't have been more than about 5 weeks old. Mom looked so tired and worn out! (I saw dad later, and he was 3x the size of the female) I gave her a couple extra doggie treats and left. Though I had to run back to my car because all those little babies were hot on my heels when they smelled the treats!
    Anyway, several of those pups looked just like yours.
    Love the dogwood tree! My favorites right now are the Lilacs.

  3. Haven't the Dogwoods been gorgeous! And you're baby is cute, too!

  4. Magdalena, yes, she looks like a hound that been shrunk to miniature size. I'm hoping the ears don't grown any more cause the way she goes tearing around the yard and house at full speed, she's sure to go airborne if they do.

    Jennifer, it always ticks me off to see what you've described--a poor little dog that spits out a big litter of pups every few months, and by a dog they should never be mated with.

    A couple of weeks ago, hubby planted a lilac bush right underneath my office window. It's small and only has one bloom, but it smells so good! Can't wait until it gets bigger.

    Hi Jennifer Johnson! Welcome! It's nice to see you over here. :o)


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