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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hot Diggety Blogs!

This evening I spent quite a while cruising blogs. I looked at well-known author blogs and little known author blogs, as well as a few group and agent and editor blogs. The one thing I found they all have in common is they contain a lot of information or they're clever and entertaining. New book releases, sharing research, writing tips, you name it. There's a wealth of information out there. I also saw a lot of authors having other authors as guest bloggers. (Doesn't everyone on the planet have their own blog these days?) After looking at a couple dozen of these, I began to feel like I've somehow missed the blog boat. No one told me these posts were supposed to have a point and actually be useful in some capacity. And everyone is so busy, busy, busy, I don't see how they ever get any writing done.

Okay. Moving right along. A funny thing happened the other day. Hubby and I were at Wal-mart, like together, at the same time, in the store, which almost never happens because we rarely go anywhere together. Anyway, we were inside the store talking to a friend who works there when this nice looking middle-aged couple walked up to us and asked where they could find the beer. The three of us stood there, stunned, and stared at these people for at least 30 seconds before someone blurted out, "There isn't any alcohol here. It's a dry county." Then it was the couple's turn to look stunned. They said they'd heard of such things, but didn't realize there were still places like that. We asked where they were from. They said they were on vacation, just passing through, and stopped in to get a few supplies. We told them to get on the freeway and head north, or south to Tennessee. When they got to Richmond, or Jellico, (depending on which direction they chose) then they could buy beer because it was wet from that point forward. It just struck me odd that someone asking a simple question like, "Where's the beer?" had the power to stop three grown people in their tracks.

On a related note... I've thought about changing the title of my blog to The Hoot From the Holler, but I doubt anyone who doesn't live here in the sticks where there are still dry counties and bootleggers would get it.



  1. I like the Hoot from the Holler. I get it.
    It was strange when we moved down here and found all the dry counties. I don't think there's a dry county in Ohio. We got the same stares when WE asked where the beer was.
    I like your blog. I think you do a great job on it.

  2. Devon, your blog is one of my favorites, because it's honest.

    As an aside, could you post a new puppy picture sometime soon? I know she's growing up!

  3. Jennifer, my dad moved us to Hamilton, OH when I was in 3rd grade. That's where I grew up. From there, I lived all over the country. I remember how strange it was--the dry county thing--when I moved back here 22 yrs. ago. But I've been here so long, it sounded very strange to hear someone mention beer, as in, they wanted to buy some.

    Thanks for liking my blog! I'm always afraid I bore everyone's socks off. I actually did consider the Hoot title when I started the blog, but then I figured that would be false advertising. ;o)

  4. Thanks, Mags! I've always wished I could be one of those people who's good at hype, but that gene seems to be missing.

    I've told hubby we need some growth pictures of Molly. But we still haven't taken any. When I initially took her to the vet she weighed 1.4. Three weeks later when I took her back, she was 2.8. And I know she's even bigger now. Will try to get a pic and post it soon. She's the meanest little dog I've ever seen, except for when she's being sweet.

  5. Devon,
    The Hoot from the Holler. Yep, I get it. Love it, in fact.
    Mary Morrow, smiling

  6. yoo. thanks for thoughts..


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