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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blast From the Past

I must be out of my mind to post this, especially since I'm sporting a baby bulge, but here goes anyway. After all, it's just for fun. In response to Magdalena's post over at Magdalenaville celebrating the comeback of the maxi dress, I give you the granny dress and matching lace-up granny shoes, not to mention a pair of super fly sunglasses. Yowsa! The place: Oxnard, California. The year: 1971.

This was the time period when I developed a love affair with western novels. I zipped through all the Zane Grey and Louis Lamour at the Pt. Mugu library, then was forced to seek out other authors to fill my insatiable reading habit. About a year after this picture was taken, I started penning my first western novel. I actually finished it, plus a sequel, and still have the manuscripts stuck back in boxes in a cabinet here in my office. I've often thought about taking them out and looking at them, but I'm afraid to. So, thinking back, I guess I wrote my first full-blown novel around 1972. In what year did you write your first novel?

Peace, baby,



  1. Devon, you are, like, so incredibly happenin', baby.

    Love the picture--everything about it!

    Wrote my first novel in 1989. Short stories before that, and a few little plays.


  2. Devon,
    Love the dress, and I think the specs are actually back in style now. I admire you. I don't wear dresses unless there's extortion involved.
    I admit I'm a newbie. Have several shorts, but didn't finish my first novel till about 3 years ago. It's gonna sit on a shelf for a while.

  3. Oh, Mags, back then I was so groovy, I was wavy. LOL! After I posted, I noticed my profile picture down by the corner of the post. Strange that the hair didn't change much at all through the years, but the face sure did go south. Yikes.

  4. Jennifer, if those specs are back in style, I want a pair. You can almost hide your entire face behind those! Times have changed. Back then, I was into clothes and such. These days, I look like a bag lady. The only time you'll get me into a dress is if I have to go to a funeral. Even then, I might end up wearing a pair of slacks and a jacket.

    After I posted, I did the math. That was 37 years ago! Good grief. What have I been doing all this time?


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