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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paid Advertisements on Blogs

Lately, I've been noticing strange things happening when I go to some of my favorite blogs. My Windows goes nuts and starts opening tab after tab of the same blog page. I can't close them out quickly enough. By the time I close one, three or more tabs have popped onto the screen. A couple of days ago, I had to shut down my computer and restart just to escape someone's blog. On others, I get an "Operation Aborted" window from my virus program because the page has something potentially invasive embedded in it. There's also one blog I'm linked to that has as annoying survey pop up in front of my face and slide up and down the screen every time I go there. I'm forced to chase it down and click "no thanks" to make it go away. Has any of this been happening to anyone else?

I finally figured out that these things only happen on the blogs that have all the paid advertisements embedded in them. So it would seem that Google's AdSense and my Windows program do not co-exist peacefully. Just wanted to let you know. So if I've left you comments in the past and suddenly don't, it's nothing personal. It's just that I'd rather not have to restart my computer as the last resort of getting out of your blog.




  1. Yuck! I hate when things pop up on my screen when I'm trying to read.

    I haven't noticed it happening, but then I've also drastically curtailed my blog visits in the last few weeks.

  2. I have noticed that. When I try to close out of a blog, window after window opens up, but on mine, it doesn't stop at just 3. More like 30. If I catch them as they are popping up, and start xing out of them , I can stop them. But I usually have to shut everything down.
    I guess I haven't made the connection. I don't know if these blogs carried ads or not. Guess I'll have to watch and try to notice next time.
    Hubby got a virus the other day on his computer called camingula or something like that. Screen after screen pop up with that name all over it, and you can't get rid of it without wiping out a program.
    Hackers ought to be hung up by their b****.

  3. Magdalena, since you've cut back on blog browsing, I'm honored you still come here. I always appreciate the comments. :o)

  4. Jennifer, the last time the multiplying windows thing happened to me, X-ing them out didn't work. They just kept duplicating, faster and faster. So I ended up shutting down and restarting, which is aggravating.

    I agree about these people who come up with these viruses. Back when I first got online, viruses and worms were a real problem. I had two computers wrecked by them. But the virus software must be better now, cause I haven't had any problem in a long time. Knock wood. Sorry your hubby got hit. It's no fun.


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