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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How The West Was Loved?

Well, this image should have been the cover for Angel, instead of that big rearing stallion. This actually fits. Nah. That big stallion is gorgeous. Yee-haw!

Been absent for a few days, but only because I've been busy. I've been working on something but, for now, I'm holding the details close to my chest. Tonight, I was trying to play catch-up to see what everyone's been up to. I will read all your blog posts. I promise.

Anyway, I was on my own web site and, for some reason, I clicked on a link and discovered something new at the end of it. A site calling itself "How The West Was Loved." (edit: on further investigation, this appears to be an offshoot of BookStrand. Never heard of them either.) Here's a link, for the morbidly curious. Evidently, they've taken over sponsorship of the Western Authors Directory, whose link I have prominently on the front page of my web site. I gave it a quick look for now, but plan to keep tabs on this site. Simply because anything to do with western romance always catches my attention. Plus, it might be interesting to watch one of these places evolve from the ground up. At first I thought it was another resource for western authors, but it turned out to be a start-up e-pub. They've got a gi-normous list of series on the front page, plus a few other things, and it says, "Coming in Fall 2009." All I can say is, good luck to them.

Note to Mags: I read "The Unlacing of Miss Leigh" and enjoyed it very much. I've always been a sucker for a beauty and the beast story. Given the short length, it was surprisingly good. Thanks for the recommend!



  1. Oh, Devon, this is a HUGE relief. So glad you liked it! Now I'm reading yet another historical, but not a short one this time. I think you're having an effect on me.

    So glad to have you back today!

  2. That's cool if it is a new e-pub, western themed. Sounds like it's right up your alley.

  3. Yay, Magdalena! Good for you! I'll keep my fingers crossed that those historicals hook you. To me, they're escapism. I enjoy drifting back to the past when times were--admit it--much more romantic.

  4. Jennifer, at this point I'm not at all interested in submitting to them. They're a complete unknown. There's a very long list of authors on the BookStrand site, and none of them look familiar. I'm just watching to see what they do. Simple curiosity because they intend to publish only western romance. Before submitting to ANY epub, make sure you get the scoop on their reputation. There are a LOT of them out there, but the list of reputable ones with aboveboard practices is not very long. Unfortunately.


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