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Saturday, February 28, 2009

End of February Post

I pulled out my trusty stock snow picture because that's what they're forecasting for us tonight. Snow, beautiful snow! Hey, if it's gonna be cold and miserable outside, might as well snow, in my opinion. At least it's pretty when you look out the window.

Every time the weather people predict snow, I have a very strong urge to put away the manuscript I'm working on and pull up the one and only one I have in progress that takes place during a big snowstorm. I love that story, and it's next on my list to finish. But the way my schedule is laid out, I'll be writing it during the hottest months of summer. Not very good planning on my part. I'll be resorting to the same tactics Magdalena Scott used trying to conjure up some atmosphere for her Christmas story in late February. I could probably stick my head in the freezer. Or maybe I should go out and scoop up some snow (if we get any of sufficient quantity to scoop) and put that in the freezer. Then, when I'm writing my story later this year, I could take it out occasionally and rub a little on my face.

I've been kinda quiet for the past couple of days because I've been deep in the throes of writing. I say "throes" because every word for the past two days has... been... a... struggle. So right now I'm procrastinating. It's either that or go back to the manuscript and rip out the first five chapters and start over again.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm a complete idiot for writing about my struggles with this manuscript for all the world to see. I don't see other writers doing that. I see them blog about their struggle for writing time or finding a publisher. But I don't see them talking about their works in progress in any terms other than they've finished, got it out the door, etc.

Anyway... I'm hoping for snow tonight. I'm also hoping the powers that be will see fit to send me a flash of inspiration or even a moment of brilliance. Nah. On second thought, I guess brilliance is way out of line, so I'll just settle for a bit of inspiration.




  1. You'll get that flash of inspiration. I've gotten to Ch. 15 of the current revisions and I'm finding it harder and harder to concentrate on it because there haven't been any great breaks where I could add more to the story. I feel like my well is dry of ideas that would still "fit" into it without disrupting or adding just to have "filler."

    We'll get through it. Just push ahead- push through it. {{hugs}}

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and the hugs, Taryn. :o) I think I just needed a little break.

    I'm sure your inspiration on where to add a scene will come to you as well. Don't force it. It'll come.

  3. I enjoy hearing about your wips, Devon. I like that you put all kinds of different things on your blog. And I do mean *all* kinds. ;)

  4. Devon:
    I'm doing a book in a month thing to try and get my second SEAL book finished.
    Been pounding the keys on the first manuscript and adding growth to my hero.
    But now that it's March 1st, I thought I'd try something different. I'm going to write the whole manuscript without reading back through a single chapter. And if it's crap, so be it. I'm determined that I'm going to have fun with the writing and no longer worry about sentence structure and ect.
    All the things that slow me down and delute my productivity will be put on hold until I reach the end of the book.
    Yeah right! But I can try.
    Hope March is your most productive time EVER!!

  5. Magdalena, I enjoy going wherever the spirit takes me with the blog, and thank you for saying you enjoy it, too. It's just that I can imagine certain peole rolling their eyes at some of the things I post because it's "unprofessional." For me, the blog is an outlet. For others, it's a promotional tool. But if all I did on here was promo, the posts would be VERY few and far between. I'm grateful for the handful of blog pals I can share things with. :o)

  6. Teresa, thanks for stopping in and commenting! You're doing exactly what I've been trying to do--write the danged thing and not obsess over every line and paragraph. After getting some distance from my writing for a few months last year, I can actually see how my caution has inhibited my voice and made it sound awkward and unnatural in many instances. So now, I'm just writing. I'll worry about repetitions, sentence structure and all that other good stuff later, after the manuscript is finished.

    Wishing you good luck and godspeed on your SEAL story. You're on the second one! I didn't know that. :o)

  7. Teresa's book in a month is a very good thing- (the basis of NaNo in November, in fact)

    Write like your life depends on it and throw caution to the wind.
    I try to do that each time I start a new manuscript. I duct tape and gag my internal editor and toss her in the closet. I've joked about it- that I slip a little bread and water under the door because I'll need her later when I'm done, but when I'm writing, I try to shut her out to the best of my ability.

  8. Taryn, I would LOVE to be able to do what you've described. My internal editor must be small, but wiry, as the saying goes. LOL! I set a goal for myself to finish the current ms. by the end of April. But the way I keep going back over everything and obsessing, it's doubtful I'll make it. I'm beginning to realize I'll never finish all the mss. I have started if I keep this up. Hmmmm.... okay, you guys are really making me stop and think. And I'm thinking I feel a blog post coming out of all of this. ;o)

  9. You can do it Devon! I know it!

  10. Thanks for the faith, Taryn. I'm really going to try. I found some info and I'm getting ready to blog about it. Also, I intend to quote you. Hope you don't mind.


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