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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Update on Naked Bookseller

I went Googling and found this little gem. For some reason it wouldn't allow me to copy the entire code so I could embed it here, but here's the link.




Deep Thought For Today = A red bird in a tree is better than an old bird in a white bush.


  1. My thought exactly. After watching the video, I realize the old dude isn't wearing a thong or even chewing gum. That's GRAY HAIR! Eeek!

    Note to self: before posting any more photos, blow them up big enough to actually see what's in them.

    My apologies to anyone this may have offended.

  2. Devon,

    If I have nightmares about this, I'm calling you...

  3. ~~If I have nightmares about this, I'm calling you...~~

    Okay, Magdalena, but I might not be able to talk. Every time I think about this, I bust out laughing. :o0

    Taryn, me, too! ;o)))

  4. OHMYGOD!!!! That is so hilarious!!! I'm glad you found that.
    Any material there for a future western? When did male dancing start? He is in the desert...

  5. Jennifer, I have no idea when male dancing started but didn't that guy say he was the first? If that's the case, then it must have started sometime during the 1800's. LOL!

    Yeah, he's in the desert, in a place called Quartzite. I wonder where that is--Arizona maybe? I'm afraid to look it up. There might be more pictures. This naked guy and his bookstore are one of the sights on the RV tour. LOL!


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