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Monday, June 1, 2009

June Already

Well, it's the 1st of June already and, as usual, I'm amazed at how quickly time has flown. For me, this is the official start of summer. I'm disappointed that I'm not farther along with writing projects and on schedule with what I planned back in January. But this is nothing unusual. Life always has a way of throwing a monkey wrench into the best laid plans.

For a change, I spent the entire weekend doing non-writing things. It was hubby's birthday, so I made an effort to curtail my obsessions and spent some quality time with him. At least I hope he considered it quality. Yesterday, the weather was so beautiful, we spent most of the day outside. As a result, the yard, shrub and flower beds look really good. Not a weed in sight. I was down on the ground in the landscaping out front when my nosy neighbor walked by and told me I should just spray everything with weed killer. Where's the fun in that? And wouldn't that kill things I don't want killed? No thanks. I'd rather do it the old fashioned way, down on my knees with my hands in the dirt. It's a good excuse for quiet, thinking time, and I've always enjoyed weeding, as strange as that may be.

It's been an especially long, dismal winter and spring, but I think summer may finally be here. And we have plans which, as usual, involve work around here. Hubby wants to put a roof over the deck out back. That would be nice. We haven't been able to use the deck since the huge, native trees came down. Weather took out some of them, and we finished off what was left for safety reasons. Now, the sun blazes down all day out there. So a roof and some shade would be nice. Also, we finally decided on a color for the outside of the house. Funny thing is, it's almost the same as the color we have now, just fresher. Hubby had wanted to go with an entirely different color scheme because all the surrounding neighbors have ended up siding their houses with our color, which made us wonder what the hay they were thinking. But after much haggling and many samples, we decided not to make a drastic change. We had the color first, so they're all the copycats. And why does it matter anyway? But for some reason, whenever we do anything around here, the neighbors all soon follow suit. We were very tempted to paint the house some off-the-wall color just to see what they would do next. No, we don't get out much and so we take our entertainment where we can find it. ;o)

Happy June, everyone!



  1. Darn! I was hoping you'd go with Pepto Bismol pink for the house. Oh well...

  2. Puke green is a popular color up here. Seriously, the local hardware store must have gotten a deal on the ugliest color they could find.
    Do what you like, and don't worry about the neighbors.

  3. Magdalena, actually, pink would probably be better than some of the color samples hubby brought home. He at first thought to do a total departure and go with dark, earthy colors. I told him the house would look like a long toadstool that had sprouted out of the ground. After slapping on a little of the paint, he finally saw I might have a point. Geez. The back side of the garage looks like a color chart.

  4. Jennifer, we looked at earthy greens, too. Not exactly puke, but more not far from it. We're not really worried about the neighbors, we just think it's funny that they play follow-the-leader without fail. EVERY house surrounding us is in our shade of yellow now. The only variable is the color of the shutters. Ours are dark green, straight across the road has black, next to them is burgundy, as is the house right next to us. Thankk goodness we have woods on two sides.

  5. Would love to see a picture of your color chart garage! I'm sure you could work that into a writing blog.



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