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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Aren't these gorgeous? These are called Knockout roses. Personally, I don't like the name. Something this pretty should have a pretty sounding name, not one that makes me think of a prize fight every time I hear it.

Yesterday, I mentioned to hubby that I'd like to have some of these. First thing this morning, he went to Lowe's and bought them for me. Wasn't that sweet? So today we planted them out back along the deck. There are several varieties and colors of Knockout roses, but the ones hubby chose are exactly like the ones pictured here. Of course, ours are a long way off from the beautiful hedge in the picture because they're still too small.

These roses are becoming very popular around here because they're so easy to care for and they bloom prolifically. I first saw them on Main Street in our town. Over the past couple of years, there's been some major renovation going on that covers several blocks in the vicinity of the courthouse square. The buildings have all been fronted to look vintage, along with the streetlights, which now look like antique lamp posts. Even the sidewalks have undergone a transformation and part of them are cobblestone. It's all very charming and I love driving along those several blocks now. The best part is, the place has become a living garden with blooming plants and shrubs growing from every available space. There are hanging baskets spilling a riot of colors. Some of the plants surprised me because they're so exotic--like purple sage. Yes, we have it on Main Street. Water-fed planters separate the street from the sidewalk. In the planters are solid hedges of glorious, blooming Knockout roses. These things bloom continuously all season.

Today was one of those weather-perfect days. Seems like they've gotten kind of rare. Hubby and I both love digging around in the dirt and coaxing things to grow and bloom. Which reminds me. My prickly pear have a lot of buds on them this year. They'll be opening soon, and when they do, I'll post pictures. Most people hate the cactus, but I love it. My mom brought it to me from Texas. She simply whacked off some of the flat pads and put them in a box and brought them with her. I was surprised that they would thrive here, but they do.

What kinds of beautiful or strange and unusual plants are in your home or garden?



  1. Hi Devon. The roses are beautiful. I hope yours bloom just as pretty.
    Over on the other side of our property, we found a spot where apparently somebody has dumped out an old cactus at some point. It is now a cactus patch. Just plain green ones. If it blooms, I've never seen it.
    Also too, I was watching Discovery or something, and these guys had a business where they went to the desert, uprooted one of those huge Saguarros and transplanted them. It was on Dirty Jobs, because Mike got poked by the needles. But they had to basically build a frame around these huge thigs so they wouldn't break at the arms.

  2. Hi Jennifer! I hope the roses thrive and become beautiful. I haven't had much luck here with regular roses.

    Good grief. I can't imagine them moving one of those huge Saguaro cactus. The big ones weigh a couple of tons, and they can live to be hundreds of years old. Just amazing. I think it's strange that that one relatively small area is the only place in the world they grow.

    Wonder if the cactus on your farm is prickly pear. Does it have big, flat pads? It's just a fact that you can whack off a piece of prickly pear and toss it onto the bare ground and it will take root. When mine blooms, I'll post a picture and you can tell me if that's it.

  3. Ok. I think that probably is what it is, now that I hear the name.

  4. Hi. I love the roses! There is a line of them similar to this on my walking route...one of many places that make me glad to walk outdoors instead of on a treadmill. Thanks to you and hubby for beautifying the world!


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