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Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Munchies

It's been one of those days. We got unexpected company just about the time I was ready to head out to the grocery store. So, it was much, much later before I was able to go and I made the mistake of going hungry. I only went after a few necessities, like milk, cereal, and soft drinks, but I ended up loading up on junk. An entire pudding cake, chocolate frosted donuts, peanut butter cookies, potato chips, an assortment of candy (all chocolate), pudding cups (triple chocolate and tapioca), and two kinds of ice cream (Edy's French Silk and a big box of chocolate covered vanilla bars). Ai-yi-yi... The worst part is, hubby's diabetic.

Speaking of food, I'm very put out with Little Man (the cat). For a while now he's been losing weight and I couldn't figure out why. I feed him very well, and when I check back, the food's all gone. Well, as it turns out, HE'S not the one eating the food. A strange cat has been lurking around and going into the garage and eating his food. I've caught him at it twice in as many days. When the cat comes into the garage, Little Man simply steps aside and lets the other cat have his food. I've tried to run the cat off, but he doesn't act a bit frightened by all my yelling. And he's no stray. He, evidently belongs somewhere in the neighborhood because he looks very well fed and cared for. It's just so strange that Little Man won't defend his territory and allows this cat to eat his food. And he keeps getting thinner. To add to the aggravation, he's gone on a killing binge lately. We've been finding ground squirrels (chipmunks) lying all around the outside of the house. I'm thinking he's hunting because he's hungry. The little idiot. I've thought about closing up the access to the garage so the big yellow strange cat can't get in, but then Little Man would be locked out, too.

Well, enough of this meaningless ramble. I hope everyone has a terrific weekend.



  1. Wouldn't it be romantic if the yellow cat is Little Man's girlfriend? Maybe she's expecting and needs extra to eat, and he's just being a gentleman. *sigh*

    Meanwhile, I guess you could share some pudding cake with him. That would help him gain some of his weight back... (Just kidding of course. I assume pudding cake is not cat-friendly.)

  2. Mom suggested the same thng. But Little Man's been neutered. Would he still defer to a female and allow her to walk all over his territory? This is very possible. I know he's not doing it because he's afraid of the cat. He usually meets every intruder at the property line and sends them into retreat.

    I doubt Little Man would like pudding cake, but Molly sure does. She's a regular little cookie monster, too.


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