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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ready For A Close-up

My son took a bunch of pictures outside in the flower beds. He was trying to be artsy with the camera and got in really close--too close--so most of the pictures came out blurry, but these four were pretty good, so I thought I'd post them.

The first one is Wave Petunias. The second is some kind of multi-headed lily my mom brought up from Texas, but I don't know its actual name. The flower is huge. The third picture is of large red and white petunias. And the last picture is a close-up view of a tree-like bush that grows right outside my office window. Those white things all over it are flower buds. The way they look in the picture is about as pretty as they get. They don't really open up too much. I have no idea what it's called either. My Mandevilla and a few others are getting ready to burst into bloom. I'm hoping to get some more pictures when they do. I had no idea he was doing this or I would have told him to get a few shots of the Christmas cactus--yes, Christmas cactus--that sprouted flower buds all over when I put it outside for the summer. Never seen one bloom in summer before, so I thought it was rather odd. We have tons more of different types of blooming plants, so I'll try to get more pictures.



  1. Oooohh, very pretty. I'm lucky if I can get a petunia to grow.

  2. A few years ago when my son had a new digital camera, he took hundreds of photos of flowers...ours, neighbors', friends', and someone I talked to at work, who invited him to take pictures of her flowers too.

    That winter we had a flower slideshow as our computer screen saver. It was great! And he made a special slide show for the lady he'd never met.

    Might be a nice project for your son if he's into the picture thing right now. (Why am I giving your son a project? I should be giving extra projects to MY son... So I will. Thanks!)


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